Astounding Glory (Luke 9:28-36 (37-43a)

From time to time it is good to stop talking and listen. Just as an awestruck and babbling Peter was reminded by God, “This is my Child, my chosen; listen!” we also sometimes need a reminder.  How glorious Peter’s reminder must have been on that day!

During our days, we consume ourselves with the crush of work, news of the world, and other obligations.  We forget the divine is all around us, a still-speaking God who leads and guides us.

Let’s commit to listening this week and trying these seven things:

Sunday:  Spend some time with God today and commit to letting grace speak through your life.

Monday:  Ask God to shake off our complacency and forgive us for failing to listen for the Holy One’s voice.

Tuesday:  Spend time with God at the end of the day reflecting on what has happened and examining your thought, intentions, and heart.

Wednesday:  Listen to what God is calling you to do this week:  help the elderly, welcome a new friend, volunteer at a women’s shelter, clean up the neighborhood.

Thursday: Spend time not only seeking God, but sharing God among your circle of friends; find the Holy One’s Voice together.

Friday:  Spend time outdoors listening to the sounds of God’s magnificent creation.

Saturday: Journal about what gets in the way of hearing God’s call for your life.

This is Women’s Week at the United Church of Christ.

This week, think of Queen Vashti, who we summoned to an elaborate party by King Xerxes that she refused. Not allowing herself to become objectified, she lost favor and was banned from the King’s presence, but maintained something more valuable:  her dignity. Think of Queen Esther, who risked her life to foil a plot to annihilate her fellow Jewish people.  As you celebrate Women’s Week, remember Queen Vashti and Queen Esther.  Their lasting legacies inspire not only women, but all who stand up for justice and freedom.  (Book of Esther)