Called Together Matthew 4:12-23

Wonderful Creator, In the beginning you made the world–rocks and trees, water and animals. You created, and you looked on your creation and called it good. Good, you decided, but not complete. And so you created us. You made people. You created us to be beautifully diverse–with many colors of skin, many levels of ability, many shapes and sizes. In our diversity, you also created us with a common longing–to love and be loved, to grow and thrive, to live lives of meaning and purpose.

Brother Christ, You came to earth to show us how to be both fully human and completely divine. You loved and cried, taught and touched, died and rose again. By your healing touch, you brought others close to you and to your heavenly Parent. You modeled for us how to live lives of sacrifice and service, how to be healers of the ills of body and mind. You encouraged us to be bringers of hope to all we encounter.

Holy Spirit, You are the Advocate. You accompany us day by day, hour by hour, breath by breath. You are the challenger, the encourager and the sustainer. You impel us toward places of need and longing in our world and infuse us with the desire to be your people. You lift us, giving us energy when our own spirits flag. And you promise to remain with us, no matter what.

Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer; you are both one and three. You are both distinct and in relationship. As neither one part of your divine being is complete without the others, so we are called to lives of radical interconnectivity. Create in us a desire to bring hope and healing to all we encounter. In your many powerful names we pray, Amen.

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