St. John’s is Wired and Cabled!

For several months, consultants, electricians and tech support persons have examined blue prints, walked along narrow passages, and inched their way through crawl spaces, and other numerous remote areas of St. John’s structure in order to install electrical wires and cable.

The purpose of their expedition was to enhance our worship services with the use of video screens which are now installed and functioning.  There are two screens, one on either side of the front part of the sanctuary, and one screen on the middle of the balcony overhang. The screens are composed of individual picture boxes which may be replaced if not functioning.

Our sincere appreciation is extended to Jeff Bowlus, video screens technician, and his assistant, Tom Downey; Rick Potacki, electrician with County Electric, Ed Yeager, and many others who assisted with the planning. 

The video screens (walls) were premiered on Sunday, October 30, for our combined worship with Emmanuel UCC at St. John’s.  Thank you to Pastor Jeremy for moving us forward with this project.

Photos appear in the November issue of The Serendipity.

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