Saint John’s We Are “Stuck” on You!

Midday on Saturday, October 8, a paint crew from Fitzgerald Paint and Power Wash traveled to Bluffton for the purpose of refurbishing the ramp into the sanctuary and sprucing up three entry doors.

As the brushes and rollers glided over the surfaces, the gooey, white paint, resembling marshmallow creme, glistened in the autumn sunshine.  The painters continued their project until the sun began to sink into the West.

Meanwhile, foreman, Ed Yeager, dropped by to check on the job. As he surveyed the project, thoughts of the early morning hour for Sunday worship came to mind. Concluding that the paint would not be dry in time, he sprang into action and summoned his assistants. “Wet Paint” signs  were created and posted throughout the area, and Pastor Jeremy alerted the congregation to the dilemma via our One Call system.

Thanks to Ed’s quick thinking, a “sticky situation” was averted. (We are stuck on St. John’s in many ways, but, thankfully, wet paint is not one of them.) 

Photos of the paint project appear in the November issue of the November Serendipity.

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