Bulletin for Sunday, August 28, 2022

Welcome to

St. John’s United Church of Christ

223 West College Avenue, Bluffton, OH  45817

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Rev. Jeremy Mann (419-420-5052) Church (419-358-5641)

Email:  blufftonstjohnsucc@gmail.com

Website:  www.blufftonstjohns.com


No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

PRELUDE      “Praise My Soul, the King of Heaven”  arr. Lani Smith



                        “I Sing the Almighty Power of God”              P. 31


One:   God calls us to service,

All:     rather than honor.

One:   God calls us to love the unknown,

All:     rather than the familiar.

One:   We come to this time of worship,

All:     trusting in the grace of Jesus Christ,

           Who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.



All:      Merciful God, forgive us for we exalt ourselves and mock the humble.  We choose to believe we are self-sufficient rather than trust in your strength.  Open us to your spirit, that we might serve all people without regard to the outcome, devoting ourselves to your honor alone.  We pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

                             (Moment of Silent Personal Confession)       



PASTORAL PRAYER (Joys and Concerns)

One:   Gracious God, you call us to relinquish the cares and concerns of our lives to you, so that we might serve you in perfect freedom.  Hear us as we bring before you the petitions of our hearts and minds.

All:     God of mercy, hear our prayer.

One:   We offer our prayers for the universal church.  May our words and actions bring honor to your name and teach us true humility.

All:     God of mercy, hear our prayer.

One:   We offer our prayers for the needs of the world.  May peace pervade in all places of conflict and violence.

All:     God of mercy, hear our prayer.

One:   We offer our prayers for those who suffer from sickness of mind, body, or spirit and all those who care for them.

All:     God of mercy, hear our prayer.

One:   We pray for those who have died, who now worship in the presence of Christ, and those who are actively passing.

All:     God of mercy, hear our prayer.

THE LORD’S PRAYER (“debts” and “debtors”)

HYMN OF PREPARATION   “Lord, Speak to Me”           P.  593


Luke 14:1, 7-14 New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition

Humility and Hospitality

14 On one occasion when Jesus was going to the house of a leader of the Pharisees to eat a meal on the Sabbath, they were watching him closely.

7 When he noticed how the guests chose the places of honor, he told them a parable. 8 “When you are invited by someone to a wedding banquet, do not sit down at the place of honor, in case someone more distinguished than you has been invited by your host, 9 and the host who invited both of you may come and say to you, ‘Give this person your place,’ and then in disgrace you would start to take the lowest place. 10 But when you are invited, go and sit down at the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he may say to you, ‘Friend, move up higher’; then you will be honored in the presence of all who sit at the table with you. 11 For all who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

12 He said also to the one who had invited him, “When you give a luncheon or a dinner, do not invite your friends or your brothers and sisters or your relatives or rich neighbors, in case they may invite you in return, and you would be repaid. 13 But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. 14 And you will be blessed because they cannot repay you, for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

MESSAGE          “A Place of Honor”                              Pastor Jeremy

*STATEMENT OF FAITH  “Apostle’s Creed”

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.  I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried; he descended to the dead.  On the third day he rose again; he ascended into heaven, he is seated at the right hand of the Father, and he will come again to judge the living and the dead.  I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen.

*HYMN OF RESPONSE   “Rise Up, O Saints of God!”      P. 590


  • Call to Sharing
  • Dedicating our Gifts (In Unison)

God of grace, we give thanks for your faithfulness to us, we give thanks for your hope in us, we rejoice in the knowledge of your unending grace.  In the light of your mercy, and confident in your love, we dedicate these offerings, and ourselves, to you.  Amen.      


Response after Concerns:  Lord, in your mercy,

hear our prayers.

            Response after Joys:  Praise be to God! 



“Sent Forth by God’s Blessing”                 P. 712  (vs. 1)

*POSTLUDE          “Allegretto”                         Wilhelm F. Bach


*Please stand if you are able.

Welcome to St. John’s UCC!  May God speak to us through word and song, prayer and silence, community and caring.

Flowers this morning are given to the glory of God who satisfies our hungry hearts and is our ever-present source of strength.


Attendance August 21 (morning):  35 persons; offering: $1,567.00

Attendance August 21 (afternoon):  47 persons

Consistory meets after worship this morning.

St. John’s red T-shirts, with logo

$16.00 each/payment by check to St. John’s UCC, or

Exact amount of cash

Sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large 

Contact Sue Hardwick by e-mail: blufftonstjohnsucc@gmail.com, or in person

Worship Time Change NEXT Sunday

September 4 thru December 25, 2022

            Worship begins at 9:00 a.m.

            Sunday School at 10:00 a.m.

            Fellowship hour at 10:00 a.m., Oppermann Hall

Children’s Church

            Teachers needed

            Sign-up sheets/materials on hutch

            Check with Marci Stahl re: details

Monday, August 29—Bluffton schools begin classes

Drive carefully!

Upcoming Activities at St. John’s UCC

            August 30      TOPS, 5:30 p.m.

            August 31      Men meet at Arby’s, 8:30 a.m.

Prayer List

Cayley Trutt

The family of Sam Reichenbach and Tracy Hosler

Worship Participants

Nancy Yeager, Liturgist

Sue Hardwick, Organist

Blaine Bauman, Sound Technician

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