St. John’s Pipe Organ Listed in Organ Historical Society Database!

St. John’s 1947 Kilgen Pipe Organ appears in the Organ Historical Society’s database! 

In order to be registered in the Organ Historical Society’s database, an organ must be unaltered and be functioning in its original location.  Our Kilgen Pipe Organ is listed as being in good condition and being played on a regular basis.

St. John’s organ contains 14 ranks of pipes, two keyboards, a full pedalboard, tab stops, and a set of Mayland chimes.

The organ’s voicing contains diapasons, flutes, strings, reeds. Couplers on the Great (lower) keyboard add depressed tab stops from the Swell (upper) keyboard to enhance tone quality and add variety to musical pieces.

A photo of the console appears in the Organ Historical Society’s database which can be accessed by the following link:

Also appearing in the database is a photo of the chancel area, as well as the blueprints of the Plan view of the organ + section view through Great Organ and Floor frame layout per factory drawing.

Photographs were taken by Don Daley. on 2019-11-14

The Organ Historical Society’s database features information for over 68,000 pipe organs.

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