Shaped by Prayer Luke 11:1-13

The Lord’s Prayer–The disciples pleaded with Jesus to teach them how to pray. And in response, he gave them the prayer we find at the beginning of Luke 11. The disciples said the words aloud and to themselves, over and over, until they memorized them and could say them anywhere and anytime.

We usually think of the prayer we call The Lord’s Prayer or The Prayer of our Savior as words we say together, in worship. Many of us in the United Church of Christ have said this prayer so often and for so long, that it may be the only prayer we know by heart. The good news is that the prayer Jesus gave us does not have to stay within the walls of the church building. We can carry it in our heart and minds out into the world, wherever we may go.

As you go about your week, try this. Try making this a portable prayer. How does it change the prayer for you, to recite these words under a tree, at the sideline of a sporting event, before eating a meal at a restaurant, when you make a decision large or small, as you sit down to pay your monthly bills, while going to sleep, or while waking up?

The prayer of our Savior does not merely have to be a Sunday prayer, reserved for the one hour we sit together in pews and speak these words together almost without thinking. This prayer can be a hymn of gratitude, a shout of delight, a murmur for help, a plea for forgiveness, and a way to bring the Holy One close in any situation.

Make The Lord’s Prayer your companion, and you may find that you are able to recognize the kin-dom that is always arriving and is always already right here, wherever you may be.

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