A Wise Reign John 18:33-37

Jesus talked about money more than any other topic. Eleven of his forty parables were about money and he talked more about money than faith and prayer combined. Why was money so important to Jesus? Because he knew and preached the truth that how we earn, save, and spend our money is one of the most telling markers of our spiritual life.

Since 1993, The United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund (https://www.cornerstonefund.org/) has helped to bring Jesus’s words to life for congregations and individuals. According to their website, the UCC Cornerstone Fund “helps local churches and non-profit organizations create change within their communities. And we’re building transformative products that not only empower these communities, but also help our clients earn even more on their investments.”

Founded in 1993 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the UCC Cornerstone Fund holds more than $100 million dollars in total assets with a total of 3,000+ investors. In just a few decades, they have financed more than 650 projects worth more than $275,000,000 across the United States. They champion green building, supporting projects that save more than 350,000kWh in energy usage per year. And they help churches save $3.1 million every year with their refinancing programs.

The website of the Cornerstone Fund (https://www.cornerstonefund.org/) offers a wealth of free advice on conscious investing, funding college education and more. There are stories there, too, about churches that have been helped by the Cornerstone Fund to breathe new life into their structures and ministries.

Let the Cornerstone Fund inspire you to plan ahead and to follow Christ’s teachings.

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