Risk andRestoration Ruth 3:1-5, 4:13-17

All Saints Day and All Souls Day are observances of the lives of ordinary people in creating and maintaining the reign of God. This week, we hear the story of generations–a grandmother Naomi, parents Ruth and Boaz, and a child named Obed (who was himself a grandfather and father).

As we celebrate the gifts of these generations, consider being in prayer with the generations this week, using this giude or another.

Monday: Pray for your ancestors in faith. pray for those whose stories are told in scripture, and those who are known through other stories Ask to be guided to knowledge by their wisdom, to gain understanding through their errors and to be strong in your faith as they were in theirs.

Tuesday: Pray for the ancestors in your church. Pray for those who founded your congregation, for those who built the building in which you worship, for those–both lay and ordained–who have sustained your congregation through the years.

Wednesday: Pray for the ancestors in your own family. Give thanks for the gifts you have been given by your family and pray to release any burdens you may carry that have been passed to you.

Thursday: Pray for the children in your life. Whether these are children in the church, in your own family or in your neighborhood, ask for God’s guiding hand to move with and through them.

Friday: Pray for the children of the world who have no one to pray for them. Pray that God works in their lives and shows them that they are beloved.

Saturday: Pray for yourself as an ancestor. Ask to be given the courage and the wisdom to be a helpful and wholesome ancestor. Ask that you may be a blessing to future generations, as those who have blessed you have been.

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