Bulletin for Sunday, October 3, 2021



223 West College Avenue, Bluffton, OH   45817

October 3, 2021

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

World Communion Sunday

 Rev. Katherine Beckett (567-226-1009)  Church (419-358-5641)

E-mail:      blufftonstjohnsucc@gmail.com

Website:    www.blufftonstjohns.com


No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

Prelude  “Meditation on ‘O Store Gud’”               Lani Smith


*Opening Hymn  “I Sing the Almighty Power of God”    P. 31 (All)

*Call to Worship+

One:   We come just as we are to worship.

Many: We come to this time to give and to receive in Jesus’ name.

One:   A blank canvas stands before us

Many: Outlined perhaps by expectations of familiar hymns and songs or patterns from the history of our church.

One:   Upon this canvas Lord,

Many: We are about to put the colors, the textures, the shapes of our service to you.

One:   Here and now we invite you to create the image of your truth; something to carry us through coming days,

Many: Something to speak to past damage, something to build on frailties, shortcomings, sins even:

One:   That your Breath, your Spirit, your Wind may take what we all offer now

Many: And bring into creation a painting of Love, Truth and Grace for your kingdom.

*Opening Prayer+

Bring us back to the beginning God. Help us to hear in the

scriptures the stories that open our eyes; to who Jesus was;

to who Christ is; to who we are.  Bring us back to the

beginning, God, so that we might journey his Way.  In Christ’s

name and in your love, we ask these things.  Amen.

Time with the Children

Pastoral Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

Special Music  “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”  C. Converse

                                    Barbara Plaugher, Pianist

Prayer for Illumination+

Gracious God, as we turn to your Word for us, may the Spirit of God rest upon us. Help us to be steadfast in our hearing, in our speaking, in our believing and in our living. Amen.

Reading from Hebrew Scripture            Genesis 2:18-24

Reading from the Epistles                       Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12

Reading from the Gospel                         John 1:1-18

Message                                           Reverend Katherine Beckett

Response to the Word (Mark 10)

Holy Mystery, Bread of heaven, Spirit of wonder, Protector of

the innocent, by your word you have made us your grateful

children, open to the gift of life in your Spirit. Amen.

Communion Hymn  “Let Us Break Bread Together”    P. 699 (All)

Invitation to Communion+

One:   This is the bread we have to offer: with thankful hearts we bless it, with open hands, we receive it.

Many: Amen.

One:   This cup is full; like our hearts it overflows with a thirst for justice. Drink from it.

Many: Amen.

Prayer of Consecration

Sharing of the Elements

Prayer of Offering+

If there is a divine spark that is in me, let it flame; that I might

be consumed for peace.

If there is anything holy that is in me, let it be as breath; that I

might carry it lightly.

If there is any wisdom that is in me, let it cry out; that justice

be heard in my speaking.

If there is any love that is in me, let it sing; that love might be

the song of my heart.

If any of these gifts be found in me, let them bring life; fill all of

me, and become my offering. Amen.

Communion Blessing+

Let us: Take care of this world, it is a gift to us.

               Find love in all people. They share it with us,

               Make peace unconditionally, all life depends on it.

               And be a blessing. Always. Amen.

*Closing Hymn  “God, You Spin the Whirling Planets”   P. 24  (All)



*Postlude  “Come, Christians, Join to Sing”     arr. Don Wyrtzen


*Please stand if you are able.

+from Gifts in Open Hands edited by Maren Tirabassi and

Kathy Wonson Eddy

Call to Worship written by Alan K. Webster, Aotearoa, New Zealand

Opening Prayer written by Richard Bott, Canada

Invitation to Communion, Prayer of Offering, Communion Blessing adapted from Erice Fairbrother, Aotearoa, New Zealand

Welcome to worship at St. John’s UCC as we celebrate World Communion Sunday.  Bread of life, we are hungry. Please feed us. Living water, our spirits are parched. Please quench our thirst.

Thank you to Barbara Plaugher for providing special music this morning to enhance our worship service.

Today the Neighbors in Need offering will be collected.  Please specify the amount you are donating for Neighbors in Need on your giving envelope.

Next Sunday, October 10, during the announcements, there will be a special presentation by the Search Committee.  Please plan to attend.

SAVE THE DATE:  Friday, October 29, for a drive-thru SPAGHETTI DINNER, 4:30 to 6:30? p.m. at St. John’s UCC.

Remnants of material from Banner Committee projects have been collected and are on a table near the food pantry.  Anyone wanting material may take what you need; the remaining material will be donated to the Senior Center and other places.

The October through December devotional booklets titled These Days are available in the literature racks.  You are welcome to take a copy.

Mental Health First Aid Training is scheduled for Saturday, November 6, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the sanctuary of the Bluffton Presbyterian Church.  A minimum of 12 participants is needed. The program is sponsored by The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Allen, Auglaize, Hardin Counties.  To register email Donna at ddickman@passaah.org.  Deadline is October 15.  A poster is on the sanctuary bulletin board.

This Week at St. John’s:

Tuesday, October 5—Ladies bring your own breakfast and meet in

   Oppermann Hall for outreach project possibilities, 10 a.m.

Wednesday, October 6—Men meet at Arby’s, 8:30 a.m.

Thursday, October 7—BAMA meets in Oppermann Hall, 9 a.m.

            Participants in the Worship Service:

You, the Congregation of St. John’s UCC

            Roger Scoles, Liturgist

            Barbara Plaugher, organist/pianist

            Blaine Bauman, sound technician

            Jason Cox, Ben Stahl, Bob Stahl, videographers

True Communion

The Holy Supper is kept indeed
In what we share with another’s need;
Not what we give, but what we share:
For the gift without the giver is bare.
Who gives himself with his alms feeds three:
Himself, his hungering neighbor and Me.

—James Russell Lowell, The Vision of Sir Launfal

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