Into Jerusalem (Mark 14:1-15:47) Palm Sunday

Imagine you were there that day.

Today, the day is known as Palm Sunday and we celebrate mostly sedately, with children waving palm leaves and songs of joy.

But it would not have been so that first day. On that first day of the first holy week, it was dusty and noisy, crowded and chaotic. On that day, Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem was just one more distraction and delight, a spectacle for a city in a festival mood. On that day, no one but Jesus could imagine the week that was to come, with its loyalties and betrayals, politics and pieties, losses and griefs. No one could have anticipated that the week would end in death and in resurrection.

What would it be like to enter the city again, as they did that first day so long ago? What would it be like to come to this day with no knowledge, no expectation of how this week would end? Each year, we are invited to re-enact the events of this week; not as a tired recitation of a story whose ending is already known, but as living and breathing people, ready to experience each day anew.

Many faith communities will worship together several times this week. Even if your community does not gather for all these days, how can you mark each day this week?

You can find guides and resources to creating fresh and imaginative worship this Holy Week, and every week, at:

Palm Sunday: Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem

Maundy Thursday: Jesus’ last supper with his disciples

Good Friday: A day of mourning

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Easter: Resurrection Day

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