Worship During Lent

Worship During Lent

            It is hard to believe that the season of Lent is upon us already.  It some ways it feels like we have been in the season of Lent for the past year. 

          Our theme for Lent is Holy Vessels, as each one of us is created by God to be a precious and holy vessel of embodied love.  We have been through a harrowing time since last Lent that has shattered our sense of wholeness-body, mind and spirit–like a glass fractured into many pieces.  As I sit and reflect on this, I visualize the broken shards of glass that wash up on the beach.  Tumbling around in the water, the shards’ rough edges have been smoothed into beautiful pieces.

During this season we will explore the healing narratives of Jesus that tell of divine solidarity with human suffering and remind us that we can begin a journey toward making something beautiful from that which is seemingly broken.  Beach glass offers us a multifaceted symbol of this transformative process and will be our visual for this season.

Join us online Sunday mornings at 10:30 for this journey of recovery.

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