The Season of Epiphany 2021: God Is Holding Our Lives

As we settle into 2021, we are dealing with many of the same issues we carried over from 2020.  January is also a tough month for a lot of people.  The days can be cold and dreary.  The added necessity to continue social distancing does not help.  Our daily lives can go from disappointment to helplessness to gratitude all over a span of a few hours

The Book of Psalms is filled with poetry and prayers of the ancient people.  The poems and prayers were written over a period of time spanning from the exile and isolation to the rebuilding of the community.  This season of Epiphany, which goes through February 14th, we will be looking at different psalms that focus around the theme, “God is Holding Our Lives”. 

During this season, being more intentional about our prayer life and how God is holding us may help us find the comfort, peace, and assurance we need for these challenging times.  Your star words can help you with this. 

I invite you to write down your prayers and place them in a bowl or a box or a basket, something that can hold them, which is set aside for prayer.  The writings do not need to be long, a few words or even a blank piece of paper with your prayer impressed upon it is all God needs. Your star word may be a part of this practice.

When we hold one another in prayer, we are co-creating with God a holy space filled with love and grace and where acceptance for what is can be found.  God is holding our lives.

Pastor Katherine

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