CrossRoad Children’s Wish List


Greetings, friends in Christ!

If you were with us in worship on Sunday, November 17, you heard Kyle Zanker from Crossroad Child and Family Services speak to us about the children being served at Crossroad and their behavioral issues and their causes. Sexual and physical abuse, self-harming, trafficking, the opioid epidemic, have all contributed to many, many children with severe problems that need tremendous emotional support. These children range in age from 6 to 18. Many are autistic, have hearing or visual issues, physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, brain trauma, or other challenges. Crossroad’s success rate for helping these children to overcome many of their difficulties is amazing!
Kyle presented us with 20 “wish lists” from the children for Christmas. It is the desire of the Board of Christian Education that we use this opportunity to help these children; they are just kids who have had a rough start to life. We can help!
Will you please consider purchasing two or three items to help make a child happy? Bring them to the church by December 15 and put them in the bins at the back of the church. They are only kids who want what other kids want at Christmas. Let’s help bring them some joy!


Fuzzy socks (4)
Shoes (girls’ size 5) (women’s 6)
Shirt (girls’ L, M, XL) (Women’s S, M)
Jeans (girls’ size 10/12, 12/14, 7/8, 14/16) (women’s size 4, 6, 8)
Sweatshirt (no drawstring) (girls’ size L 14/16) (women’s size S, M)
Coloring book (4)
Colored pencils (3)
MP3 player (4)
Jogger sweatpants (girls 7-8, 14/16) (women’s 4)
Portable DVD player (5)
G/PG movie (2)
Art kit (8)
Lego set (4)
Paint and canvas
Shirt (girl’s size 10/12) (women’s size S)
Adult coloring book (2)
Friendship bracelet kit
Pajamas (women’s S) (girls’ size M, XL)
Sketchpad (non-spiral) (3)
Woodcraft kit
Journal (no spiral bound) (2)
Phase 10
Lip gloss
Any kind of board games


G/PG rated dvd’s (8)
DVD player (7)
Legos (4)
Pajamas (youth M, L) (Men’s M, L/XL)
Art kit (11)
Sneakers (Boys 11, 13) (Men’s 10.5, 9.5)
Books (2)
Shoes (boys 11, 13) (Men’s 10.5)
Clothing (youth M)
Nerf football (5)
Wallet (6)
MP/3 player (5)
Shirt (youth M)
Pants/jeans (boys’ 10-12) (youth M)
Sweatshirt (no drawstrings) (boys L) (adult L, M)
Soccer ball
Shirt (men’s L/XL)
Journal (no spiral bound) (3)
Model car set (3)
Color book (2)
Basketball (4)
Adult coloring book (3)
Sketch pad

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