Gathered and Scattered (Acts 2:1-21)

What was that morning like?  Jesus’ friends and followers gathered in a sad, small circle as they had every day in those confusing days after they thought Jesus had finally left them for good.  Outside, it was a holiday and everyone was visiting Jerusalem–true believers and serious doubters and tourists looking for some excitement and pickpockets looking for some tourists.  But all the people in the world who knew about Jesus were contained in one little room.  They must have felt so alone in there.  The few of them inside, the celebrating throngs outside.

Then, suddenly, the Holy Spirit arrived!  And with the arrival came a startling revelation. They were not alone, as they had thought.  They were connected to people in the past, the present and the future. They were connected to those far away and those just down the street.  They were connected to those who looked and spoke like them, and those who did not.

Those gathered in that first congregation on that first Pentecost day thought they were making a closed circle, just for them. You and your congregation feel alone sometimes, too.  Maybe it seems like Jesus has departed and you don’t know what is next for you.  But, look!  The Holy Spirit is here and now, as it was there and then.

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