Why Do We Observe Memorial Day?

In the song, “What Did He Die For?”, Twila Paris reminds us why we observe Memorial Day–and why we worship Jesus as our Savior. The first verse tells of a 21-year-old fighting for America’s freedom during World War II. The second verse recalls another young man, many centuries prior, sent by his Father to win eternal freedom from sin for the entire world.

“What did he die for when he died fr you and me, made the sacrifice so that we could all be free?  I believe we will answer each to heaven for the way we spend a priceless liberty.  Look inside and ask the question, ‘what did he die for?'”

Memorial Day challenges us to live as to honor the sacrifices made by members of the military. We value our freedom because of the heavy price people have paid for it. Likewise, every day we are challenged to live so as to honor Jesus’ supreme sacrifice. He calls us to spend our “priceless liberty” using our blessings to bless others.

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