Shoes That Grow

There are many children in the third-world, economically disadvantaged areas that have no shoes.  Through a project called “Shoes That Grow,” St. John’s would like to help children have shoes–perhaps for the first time ever!  The shoes are adjustable and “grow” as the child grows.  A sample of the shoes can be found on the table at the front of the sanctuary.

There are boxes for you to take to hold your loose change from each day, or you can place money in the container provided.  Each pair of shows costs $15.00.  How many pairs of shoes can we purchase?  Make this monetary donation the “thing” you have given up for Lent.  how about one candy bar a day, or a soda, or instead of eating out one evening, that money is donated to the shoe fund?  Let us all share in this project for Lent.

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