A Prayer for New Beginnings by Walter Brueggemann

How fitting that the Epiphany season and the new year coincide!  Epiphany reveals a new King, the beginning of his ministry, his new disciples, his first healings, his “new teaching with authority,”  (Mark 1:27).  We, too, experience newness, now and year-round, but newness can be tough.  So, we trust that God, who “makes all things new” while banning “mourning and crying and pain,”  (Revelation 21:4-5), walks with us in the new year–and always.

…This is a time to be born.  So, we turn to you, God of our life, God of all our years, God of our beginning…We dare pray that you will do for us and among us and through us what is needful for our newness.  Give us the power to be receptive, to take the newness you give…There is a time to be born, and it is now.  We sense the pangs and groans of your newness.  Come here now in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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