Twelve Things Pastors Cannot Do, by Dr. Chuck Lawless, Professor of Evangelism and Missions/Dean of Graduate Studies at SoutheasternSeminary

There are 12 things pastors cannot do–even though pastors are, in my judgment, amazing people. They faithfully serve Sunday after Sunday, often with no desire for recognition  or fame.  In faith, they can do a lot but here are…12 things pastors cannot do.

Read minds. Everybody knows that, but many church members hold pastors accountable for unstated expectations.

Be everywhere.  No human being can be every place at once yet, some members still get angry when pastors have to say “No.”

Change hearts.  Only God can do that.

Know everything.  Most pastors study hard, but nobody can answer every question somebody asks.

Please everybody.  Even Jesus could not do that!

Live sinless.  Nobody can–including you–and me– we are all sinners.

Grow churches.  If the church does grow, it is because God does it with the help of all-not just the pastor.

Multiply dollars.  That is too bad, too, since some churches do not pay their pastors well.

Escape mistakes.  All of us will mess up sometime, often unintentionally and even unknowingly.

Avoid favoritism.  Pastors minister to everybody but having better (and best) friends is natural and healthy.

Reveal everything.  No matter how much you may want to know the details, pastors may not be in a position to tell you.

Ignore sin.  Pastors must address this issue–even when it is not popular.

Say a prayer for your pastor today.  Pastors have tough jobs.

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